LIFE SySTEMiC started with a highly intensive preparatory action to set up and refine the technical organization of the project and overview the concepts for conservation and sustainable use of Forest Genetic Resources (FGR) to support ecosystem sustainability, its criteria and indicators. This Action is important to correctly implement the actions B, C, D and E. Action A1 is divided into 3 tasks.

A1.1 Technical operations. To set up all the necessary documents/figures for a correct starting of the project: Signature of Partnership and IPR agreement, management/financial boards, initial database of experts, Stakeholders Advisory Board, Green Public Procurement Plan, Revision of the Project Monitoring schemes and of the contingency plan and initial meeting organized.

A1.2 Preparatory screening and implementation adjustments. This task plays a key role in setting the background context against which set the stage for the implementation Actions B: screening of existing Dynamic Genetic Conservation Units (DCU), forest reserves and different categories of managed forests to select demonstration plots according to the selected forest tree species in the three countries, revise and refine the selection of species and sites.
To standardize common protocols for assessment of forest structure, plot description, samples collection and delivering them to the responsible partner.
To define the demonstration sites which will be done during Beneficiary common visits in the project’s sites.

A1.3 Establishment of the communication activities. This task is pivotal to ensure appropriate dissemination of project results, inform EU citizens and favour the replication of similar experience by EU players. Necessary for a smooth beginning of the Dissemination and Communication through a flexibility-oriented Communication Action Plan, establishment of the project Web site and the internal communication scheme, social media information, and Project launching press conference organization.