The partnership involved in the project is engaged in several activities, which will benefit from the knowledge acquired during the project. Project deliverables will be used as a basis to build up national/regional legislation or guidelines for the ecosystem monitoring. The After Life Plan will consider in the 5 years that follow the end of the project:

  • how the actions initiated in the LIFE project will be continued and developed;
  • how the longer term management of the habitats/species will be assured;
  • how the dissemination and communication of the results will continue after the end of the project.

The activities carried out in actions B will be continued for at least 5 years after the project, and will be carried out according to the different experience of each Beneficiary. A communication plan will be established, which will provide the tools for collaboration between the partners, the resources needed and performance indicators of the expected results. The project website will be maintained over 10 years after the project and will be continuously updated. Dissemination plan will follow three main ways: 1) continuation of the dissemination of the products made during the project at National, International conferences; 2) production of scientific technical publications proposed to the EUFORMAG network magazines and to events; 3) active participation in European forestry networks presenting the project results