The LIFE SySTEMiC project shall test the multidisciplinary approach (“forest structure-landscape genomics”) in several protected and managed forests in different European Forest Types in three countries (Croatia, Italy, Slovenia) from Alpine to Mediterranean to enable the replicability and transferability of the approach and results to other European countries. The action will provide standardized protocols that will further enable the replicability of the results. Moreover, within Action B4, we identify replication and transfer sites, present technical manual on site for end-users and stakeholders, organize ad hoc training courses, demonstration activities and specific networking between different EU countries (in collaboration with D1). It will transfer the results and methods to stakeholders involved at national and EU level. The action is divided into five tasks.

B4.1 Identifying replication and transfer sites. We will identify sites for replication and transfer (based on common visits to plots within A1, organization of sites supported by D1) at the first stakeholder event at EU level, together with Stakeholder Advisory Board and representatives of EU networks.

B4.2 Technical manual presentation and demonstration on site for end-users and stakeholders. Training communication manual, courses and demonstration on sites for identified countries will be organized, contributing to protocol for optimization and replicability of results (organized with D1).

B4.3 EU level workshop with identified non-partner countries. At EU level workshop with identified non-partner countries, we will identify optimization procedures needed (to conclude B4.2, feedback on manual) and identify the level of facilitation from partners to implement the results into practice in non-partner countries.

B4.4 Workshop for results transfer to other EU countries. During the workshop the partners will present the methods and tools to new founded partnership with non-partner countries aiming at common proposal submission. It is forecasted to get at least 1 such bilateral project financed before LIFE SySTEMiC ends.

B4.5. Ownership and transfer of key tools after the project end. IPUDC will ensure the correct implementation of the principles governing the Intellectual Property Right (IPR), by keeping a direct and ongoing contact with the partner in charge of Action B4. The participants are required to fully respect the project rules contained in the Grant Agreement and in the Partnership Agreement after the project end and properly manage the post-contract phase too