Project management is guaranteed by an organizational structure composed by: Project coordinator (PC), Coordinator assistance team (CAT), Governing assembly (GA), Executive committee (ExCo), Intellectual property use and dissemination committee (IPUDC), and Stakeholder advisory board (SAB).

The PC is UNIFI-DAGRI, represented by Prof. D. Paffetti, and its main role is to represent the consortium to the LIFE and to promote and supervise the overall technical and scientific activities of the project.

The CAT support Project administration, financial administration and assistance to individual project partners on specific administrative issues.

The GA is the decision-making body of the project; it is composed of one representative per partner, and it will be responsible for the strategic and re-orientation of the project.

The ExCo is the decision-implementing body of the project; it will validate the deliverables, reports, and the financial management of Actions; also, it will identify risks, draft contingency plans and survey ethical and gender issues.

The SAB is composed by scientists related to key research fields of the project, EU/Regional/National/private/NGO representatives of stakeholders in forest management and policy. The stakeholder platform is the channel of dissemination from the project, which provide contacts for the dissemination of outcomes to society.

The IPUDC will monitor the implementation of the principles governing intellectual property rights