Workshop for Hunters, Hunting Planners, and Researchers

12. and 13. October 2023

Between October 12. and 13. 2023, a two-day workshop took place in the Dinaric beech-fir forests of Mašun and Leskova Valley as part of the LIFE SySTEMiC project – Close-to-nature forest sustainable Management under Climate Changes. The event was jointly organized by the Slovenian Forest Service (SFS) and the Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI). More than 30 participants, including representatives from the SFS Hunting Planning Service, local hunters, experts, and researchers in the field of hunting, attended both fieldwork and a moderated workshop.

The primary objective was to seek solutions for sustainable forest management in the face of climate change, with a particular emphasis on hunting planning and associated measures. We fondly recall the rich discussions and expert presentations that shed light on the impacts and challenges of climate change for forest ecosystems and wildlife. Together, we explored ways to better balance the relationship between the plant and animal components of the forest and contribute to the sustainability of our forests in the future.