Launching press conference of LIFE SySTEMic

25 November 2019, Florence (IT)

The launch conference held on 25 November 2019 in Florence, represents the event with which the LIFE SySTEMic Project actually got underway. On that occasion, the various Partners who took part in the initiative, were presented to the media and the objectives, actions and expected results of the project were presented

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Signing of the Partnership Agreement by the legal representatives of each Beneficiary, in the order from left to right: Dr. Marcello Miozzo (D.R.E.AM. Italia, Italy), Dr. Lorenzo Ricci (Unione dei Comuni Montani del Casentino, Italy), Prof. Simone Orlandini (Dipartimento Scienze e Tecnologie Agrarie, Alimentari, Ambientali e Forestali – UNIFI, Italy), Arch. Giovanni Maffei Cardellini (Ente Parco Regionale Migliarino, San Rossore, Massaciuccoli, Italy),  Doz Dr. Primož Simončič (Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia), Dipl. ing. Damjan Oražem (Slovenia Forest Service, Slovenia)

Interview with the project partners:

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